Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Please call me George

Mommy.  Mommy.  Mom.  Momma.  Mother.  Mutter.  Mum.  Mummy.  Ma.  Mommy.  Mommy!

These are the words ringing through my home, my ears, and my heart all day long.  With four kids at home, two of which we home school, the call for my attention never ceases.  Pleas for a referee to break up a squabble over trains, assistance with solving for "x", and inquiries as to what will be served at every meal for the entire day, including snacks, are abundant.

The name "Mommy" is heard so often I sometimes ask my children to call me "George" for the day.  They laugh and think it is funny but I seriously just need relief from hearing the "M" word.  I inform them that I will not answer to any of the M-synonyms (another opportunity to squeeze in a language lesson!) but will be happy to answer their call when addressed as "George".

An amazing thing happens - those children have to stop and think about using the correct name.  Sometimes it takes them a while to remember my "name" so they mosey on and forget what they needed! 

Along the way, the whole name-calling overload certainly made me think of the Name Above All Names

Elohim.  El Elyon.  El Roi.  El Shaddai.  Adonai.  Jehovah.  Father.  God.  Holy One.

It certainly challenges my outlook of The Lord's perception of my calling out to Him.  Is He rolling His eyes thinking, "here she goes again!"? Is He ready with the curt "not right now" that I give my kiddos?  Is He plugging His ears when He hears my whiny, needy voice begin to wail?

Unlike me, He NEVER tires of hearing His children call out to Him.  He longs to be called upon.  He wants to hear our frustrations, anger, sadness, joy, thanksgiving, praise, grief, disappointments.  He desires that our first word, our last word, and every word in between be for Him. Our Lord calls us to seek Him with confidence and boldness.

And maybe I will do well to remember the Lord's example the next time the Mommy word has met its quota for the day.

And those who know Your name will put their trust in You, For You, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You. Psalm 9:10

*For a thorough study of knowing the names of the Lord, check out: Lord, I Want to Know You by Kay Arthur.