Friday, June 17, 2011

Friction and Chafed Thighs

My family recently visited a sea life/amusement park.  To prepare for the unavoidable water experience, I donned my swim suit under my sun dress.  Now to set the stage, my figure is Rubenesque in nature which calls for one of those not-so-cute swim short ensembles.  What I didn't realize while shopping for said swim shorts was that those shorts cause serious friction!  There was so much rubbing of skin against shorts that day I could have produced enough electricity to power the whole park!

While doctoring my sore hamhocks with first aid cream, it brought to mind what I am like when I am doing my own thing and not God's.  I have a constant ever-present desire to do things my way first and then "consult" with God later.  You know the "it's better to ask forgiveness later than ask for permission now" theme?  I practically authored the idea! 

You see, for me, going off on my own Commando-style never seems to work out.  The friction of my independence against HIS desire for dependence upon HIM creates major chafing in my life.  And I mean serious need for first aid.  Every time I choose "me" and "my" over "Thee" and "Thy" I am sinning against HIM that loves me more than I can fathom.  How devastating it is to think of my actions that way.  I would never treat my husband or children so terribly so why do I insist on deplorable behavior against HE that loves me the greatest?

However, I can take solace in the healing balm of Jesus Christ.  HE welcomes me with a genuineness that can not be duplicated on earth.  He covers my raw and chafed wounds with a healing that is incomparable. HE cherishes my repentence of independence and seeks to guide me again along HIS path.

Praise the LORD that HIS path does not include swim shorts, friction, and thighs!

Rubens panting: "Venus at a Mirror" c.1615