Sunday, December 08, 2013

God is alive! Amen?

I have a sweet friend struggling with all types of cancer.  Over the last two years that I have come to love her, she has lost her hair, weight, ability to drive, and control of bodily functions.  During these long months of suffering, I have seen the amazing strength and hope that comes from the Holy Spirit.  Beauty and joy that can only come from His indwelling.  It is a life-changing situation to witness and be a part of.

This summer, she was told she was nearing her end.  Her body could take no more and she was ready, mentally.  It was so hard to believe I wouldn't see her at Bible study on Thursdays, or hear her witty comebacks or enjoy her horse stories.  Her circle of friends was devastated.

She mustered the strength to join us at Bible study albeit sporadically.  Just her presence is a calming balm. Are you ready for the "wow"?  That lady, my dying friend, is now in remission. She is in the curative stage of treatment and has medical hope for a little more time on this earth.  Her immediate earthly future has been prolonged.  God is alive and has chosen to demonstrate it in her. Amen!

Obviously, my conversations with God were about her progress and health, thanking Him for His faithful provision.  Expressing my gratefulness for His miracle.  His miracle that is a pinky-lift for Him but is bigger than the weight of the world for my friend.  Even this very morning while still in bed and before the noise of the day, I was talking to my Lord about her and Him and His story in her.

My specific prayer for her this morning was that she, in her new-found health, will be an amazing testimony for Him. Everywhere she goes will be an opportunity for His glory to shine through.  She's been restored and let all the world hear about it!

"I wish the same thing for you, child o'mine" said the Lord.

To me. In the middle of my prayer for a sweet friend He began to talk to me. He reminded me in a gentle way that I too, am restored.  I too, am healed from the inside out.  And I too, can be a testimony for Him. And lastly, I too, can be an opportunity for His glory to shine through.

No, I don't have a deadly disease like cancer.  But I once had the deadly disease of self; me over He. I once was dragged down mentally and physically by sin.  I once was wallowing in decline but with no hope.  Unlike my friend who exudes hope, I had none.

However, just as He has chosen to heal her physically, He chose to pull me out of the muck and mire.  He chose to save me from impending doom and give me the hope and promise of life eternal.  With Him.  I can be a living testimony for Him everywhere I go and to everyone I meet.

God IS alive. Amen!

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