Saturday, July 07, 2012

A Man Leaves

A man slings his pack over his left shoulder, smiles and waves.  He says goodbye with an already-homesick look on his face.  He tosses his camo bags in the truck and composes himself as he turns for a last look at me, the house, his home.  It's not my husband leaving.  He's my son.

My son was returning to Afghanistan.  No longer as a young man with mature ideals one moment only to react with teenage-type silliness the next.  No, he was to return to war different than the last time he left our home.  He had become an Adult with a capital A. 

His two week visit home was a gift from God for my husband and I.  The Lord gave us the opportunity to see firsthand the man He was making out of our son.  The son we had spent countless nights praying over.  The son we had threatened within an inch of his life during his high school days.  The son that pretended to have vomiting attacks at bedtime seeking an extra dose of attention.  The son that drove us bananas with his constant challenging of the rules.  The son that made us question whether having more children was a sensible idea. 

God had been busy in my child's life.  He used the Army to instill discipline and a desire to lead.  The Lord used a disciplinary issue to reinforce perseverance.  He used two tours in Afghanistan to mature, strengthen, mold, and shape my boy into a leader, a man who can think on his own, and person with goals and drive.

It is a relief to his dad and I that in spite of our parenting, God had our son's character and moral development under control.  In spite of our human mistakes and misguided efforts, God's plan is prevailing in our son's life.  Regardless of our failings, God held our boy/man in the palm of His hand, never to be released.

Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness to my child.

Psalm 136:12 with a strong hand and an outstretched arm, for his loyal love endures

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