Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Texas True?

Field of bluebonnet flowers
I had the pleasure of chatting with a new friend while watching my daughter's basketball practice.  We clicked right away.  She was generally interested and listened without over talking and hogging the conversation.  We talked of our dear, sweet husbands and darling children.  She asked about our decision to home school vs. private vs. public.  I asked her about her move from Kentucky and if she liked Texas.  It was really nice!

After 45 minutes of surface talk I asked her to tell me about the day she became a Christian.  What was it like for her and how had God been working in her life since then.  It was great to hear a mature sister in Christ tell me about her relationship with Him.

She then, with a close-to-my-heart boldness, asked me:

"So. . . are you a real Christian or just a Texas Christian?  I mean, it sounds like you are a real Christian from our conversation but you just never know around here!"

Do what?  Huh?  Say Again?

To be honest, this isn't the first time I've heard comments about the culture of Christianity in our area of the country.  In the south, we have such a relaxed atmosphere about church, praying, bible reading, and following the Lord.  Most everyone I know goes to some kind of church on Saturday nights or Sunday mornings.  It comes right after the Friday night happy hour and before the Sunday afternoon Cowboy game.  It's a box that is checked off of our many things to-do on our day of rest.

Thankfully, we had a few minutes left of basketball practice to talk about what she meant by a "real"  Christian.  I assured her that my everyday surrender to the Lord is real.  And difficult.  And never-ending.  I mentioned my need to seek His will for my day as I stand half-awake in the shower.  I told her of the many times a day that I bend my knee begging for His grace and mercy keeping me from accidentally locking my children in a closet.  I was able to retell of His redeeming work in my life - past, present, and yet to come. 

So, yes, I'm a Texas Christian.  A redeemed, forgiven, loved, cherished, and saved Texas Christian!

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